Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Ghost story!

One time me and my friend Uriel were playing games on the computer and having fun. After a minute or two we started hearing a door open and shut really fast. We thought that it was Jose but it wasn't IT WAS A GHOST. Uriel started to scream and I ran we got out of the house and kept running until we got to Jose's house. We told Jose what happened and he didn't believe it and we said"go and check it for your self." So he did after a while in the house he saw something and it was the ghost again. he screamed and ran. When he got back we called joey and he said"hey what's up I'm having a party want to come over." and we forgot all about the ghost and we replied "yeah we'll be over in a few minutes."After we got to the party we talked to our friends, Girls and other people. Before we left some girls asked us if we wanted to take a walk with them and we said"YES." An hour passed by and we got to Uriel 's house then when we got inside the door closed fat and locked it self. The girls started to scream and we said "SHH!" and they said " OK" and were about to cry. Me, Uriel, Joey, and Jose told them about the story of the ghost and they got scared so bad they nearly passed out.
When we got hungry we went to the kitchen in a group to get something to eat because if one person went by himself they would get hurt by the ghost. I tried to find a way out by my self and every time I did the ghost would pick me up in the air and throw me across the room. When I came back to join the group I came with a bruise and a few scratches when I tried again i told Uriel and Jose to help me because their was only one ghost and it can't catch three people at once. After we tried the ghost went after Uriel and the girls ran out of the back door with joey, Jose, and me when Uriel came around the corner the ghost tried to close the back door but Uriel made it through before the ghost closed it. After we took the girls home and left to Joey's house to spin a night there and we did.

The End!

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